Our Story

The Julian Milling Company is not just an icon in Julian, NC; it's a historical building that has
seen many changes throughout the years since its opening in October, 1895. 

 In 1935 J. Davis Horney started working at the Julian Milling Company at the age of twenty.   By 1945 Horney purchased the Julian Milling Company.  Horney's son, Jimmy was two years old at the time of the purchase.  As soon as he was old enough, Jimmy began working alongside his dad.

When J. Davis Horney passed away in 1997 his son,  Jimmy continued to run the business along with his sons, Neil and Eric.  

 As much as Neil loved helping his grandfather and dad at the Julian Milling Company, he decided to become a pilot.   After graduating from college,  Jimmy's younger son Eric decided to come back home and help his dad run the business. 

After many years of working at the mill, Eric had the idea to create his own special blend of birdseed.  The birdseed was a hit with the local folks and birds!  Using the feedback that he received, he decided to expand his birdseed line beyond the store, that's located inside of the Julian Milling Company.  Eric decided to sale the birdseed via the internet.  He has had much success selling on websites such as Amazon and Etsy.  He hopes to expand Julian Feed and Seed by growing its online presence and getting the product into select stores.     

The Julian Milling Company in the News in 1898

Below is a snippet from the Greensboro Patriot about Julian and it's thriving businesses.  To read the entire article click on the link below.